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How to Decrease the thigh and buttocks with Exercise Routine

Cara Mengecilkan Paha dan Bokong dengan Olahraga Rutin

Previously, I want to ask you, if ever seen people who exercise have a body fat? It must be very rare. Even if there are usually those who are trying to lose weight. Lots of exercise for health benefits including increased fitness, body immunity against the disease and also improve the functioning of the brain, improve intelligence alias. Equally important, the sport is capable of forming a proportionate body.

Sport is the best choice to turn down the thighs and buttocks. Even though you are on a diet but you do not exercise, the results can not you feel the fullest. Why is this so? The explanation is quite simple, when you are doing a diet and do not compensate by exercising regularly, your body mass is going to decline, but the body is already enlarged it will lose mass and it will be a wattle. The wattle and can be eliminated by exercising.

Then if I shrink thighs and buttocks quickly means a person must do strenuous exercise? Not really, sport is meant here is not only strenuous sports activities such as football, basketball, volleyball, fitness gym and so on. If your body is not strong do strenuous exercise is, in fact you will get a new affliction which would trouble yourself. How to shrink thighs and calves naturally you can do by doing small sports regularly. Continue reading

Benefits of Yoga for Health

Manfaat Yoga Untuk Kesehatan

Who does not know yoga? Meditation exercise which was later very famous and much in demand both men and women of all ages is favored not only because the movement can help give us tranquility, but also for a variety of benefits for the body.

Yoga is the original Indian meditation exercise of the mind and body. Yoga movements aimed at achieving improved health and relaxation. In various studies that have been done, some yoga proved to have enormous benefits for health.

Here are 5 health benefits you can get from doing yoga movements. Let’s see!

  • Troubleshooting Digestive
    Pose asana, pose leaned forward where we have to touch the legs without bending the knees and bring it forward to the limit of the palms are under the foot, are believed to help you solve problems with the digestive organs such as the stomach. Moreover, this movement can also help relax the abdominal muscles.
  • Overcoming Asthma
    Pranayama or breathing exercises in yoga exercise has been shown to improve lung function. Therefore, this exercise is very well done by people with asthma and bronchitis.

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Exercise Jump Rope

Latihan Lompat Tali

Everyone is willing to make any effort to have the ideal body weight. These efforts include a wide variety of ways. One of the most popular because its security is through exercise.

Of the various types of exercise, running is a sport that is a favorite for most of us because it is practical and effective in burning stubborn fats in the body.

But, you know, that in addition to running, jumping rope or skipping more familiar as it is also a sport that function effectively in burning fat in the body?

Jumping rope or skipping can burn fat effectively, as well as run. In fact, do 10 minutes of exercise jumping rope can burn fat is said to be as large as the running as far as 5 kilometers!

Besides effective in burning fat, jumping rope or skipping is also equally practical to run. Therefore, all you need is a rope to make the leap, the terrain is fit to make the leap, and stopwatch. Continue reading

Surf’s Up For the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

There is some great news to pass along to all of you surfing fans!  Your favorite sport has been recommended to be included in the Tokyo, Japan 2020 Olympic Games.The monumental decisionto accept surfing was made during September 2015 by the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee.In fact, two surfing events will take place consisting of 20 male and 20 female surfers who will all enjoy riding the waves as they compete for some very prestigious medals.   In addition, softball/baseball, skateboarding, sports climbing, and karate were also suggested as sports to be included.

Adding surfing to the schedule is quitea record-breaking accomplishment sinceFernando Aguerre, International Surfing Association president, has been pursuing this endeavor for over ten years.1

In fact, many surfers have “jumped on the wave”over the previous 20 years as five bids were submitted for consideration in Brazil, Sydney, London, Athens, and Beijing.Unfortunately, none of thosebids were accepted at the time.   However, all of that has changed now as the history books are currently being rewritten; and perhaps those who are currently opposed will come around and enjoy making abig splash in time.

Aguerre has some very good reasons for wanting to include surfing in the Olympic Games.  He has noted that there are more than 35 million surfers throughout the world, so it is a global sport that is more admired than many other Olympic sports being performedtoday.  He also stated that surfers are very inspirational people who serve as good role models and exert a positive influence.

Andrew Stark, who is the Chief Executive Officer at Surfing Australia, stated that the “down under” would certainly be a great prospect to obtain the Gold medal.  Furthermore, he said that the surfing organization is definitely looking forward to starting the voyage towards the 2020 Olympics.  He also saidthat this eventis a hugeadvancement for the world of surfing in general.

In addition, Mick Fanning, who has won the World Surfing Championship three times,said that any surfer should consider it an honorto represent his or her country in an event as prominent as the Olympic Games.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is expected to authorize the sports event during the 129th Session at Rio in August 2016.

This is indeed a very exciting time in surfing history.  So,if you are unable to attend in person, please be sure to watch the competitionlivefrom the comfort of your TV set as we cheer on our favorite surfers during the 2020 Olympic Games.

Ideal Body Have With 5 Easy Exercises

Miliki Tubuh Ideal Dengan 5 Latihan Mudah

Has a beautiful body shape is a dream for most women. Unfortunately, often we think do not have enough time to get into shape for the sake infested coveted ideal.

Now you need not worry anymore, because getting a beautiful body shape does not necessarily bother to gym that takes up a lot of money and time really. 5 Do the following exercise routine so that you can have the ideal body shape as you desire:

  • Sit ups
    As mentioned in, the easiest exercises to get the ideal body shape is to sit up. This exercise is very useful to shrink the stomach is distended. The way is also quite simple because you just sit with legs bent and arms crossed over his chest. Then tighten the stomach, then lower the weight down, hold for a while, then returned to its original position. Perform the movement slowly and controlled. Return to the starting position when the abdominal muscles remain tightened and feel the pressure on the abdominal muscles when the body position closer to the thigh. Repeat 15 to 50 times every day before going to bed and after waking.

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How To Maintain Fitness Body with Easy Steps

Cara Menjaga Kebugaran Tubuh dengan Langkah Mudah

How to keep in shape – Having a fit body will certainly provide many benefits, especially for the health of the body. For women and men to have a fit body will certainly give positive energy of its own that can make their activities become more excited, more excited and fatigue when doing things that they run. To obtain a lush body, then one can use several ways to keep in shape with simple steps and not burden you like this.

Some ways to keep in shape:

1. Exercising
Getting fit body must of course be in barengi by exercising regularly, which by way of exercising the body’s organs will move and be more relaxed as well. You do not need to choose the type of exercise that is strenuous exercise, you simply choose light exercise, fun, but you can do on a regular basis, such as jogging, swimming, cycling and others.

2. Eat healthy foods
Healthy food is very important in addition to a healthy body, a healthy diet of fresh foods, especially foods such as green vegetables and fresh fruits also have a big influence to create a fit body. How to keep body by eating fresh vegetables and fruits are already familiar in the ears of society of course, so you also have to try it. Continue reading

Great benefits of exercise

Manfaat hebat olahraga

Sports benefits for our bodies :

  • increasing endurance
    The first great benefit of exercise is able to fight free radicals in the body, so the body protected from dangerous diseases such as cancer and tumors.
  • improve brain performance
    If SIS frequent exercise, not only a healthy body but also the brain will be more creative, increased concentration, and healthier. That is because the oxygen that sports then distributed in the brain becomes more and expedite distirbusi blood to the brain. With such reason that it can optimal performance.

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The thing about Sports

Hal tentang Olahraga

Sports seems to have become part of our lives. We do exercise to keep your body fit. Sports games are also made to be a pleasure. However you need to know five things about the sport, as shown below.

1. How many calories you burn?
Various kinds of exercise you do, either for the purpose of reducing bert weight, exercise, or have happy, always reduce your calories. Let us check, how many calories you remove if you do: badminton (305 calories), basketball (370 calories), cricket (270 calories), football (420 calories), Frisbee (120 calories), martial arts (580 calories) , squash (660 calories), tennis (440 calories), and volleyball (230 calories). Remember, the more you weigh, the calories you burn is also growing.

2. Avoid sports injuries
Injuries were most common in sports are sprains and cramps, or muscle stiffness. Sprains are injuries to ligaments, muscles harder which combines the bones in the joint. Sudden movements while stretching can lead to sprains. While the muscle strain is an injury that occurs in the tendons that connect muscles to bones. When there is muscle tension, muscle feels like attracted due to excessive stretching of the muscle causes the muscle fibers or tendons torn.

3. Consult a medical doctor
You might think that a medical doctor is only available to athletes and sportsmen. When in fact, you can also consult a medical doctor about the exercise you are doing. The sports physician will help you determine what sport you can do. Continue reading

Exercise Tips For The Big Foot

Tips Olah raga Untuk Kaki Yang Besar

Because the slim women with long legs and small is still a measure of beauty among the feet of the woman, in the end a lot of women who complain of leg great shape and fat. Usually the women hate to see large thighs or calves like a football player.

If you are one of them who also feel they have a problem with the shape of the foot and leg feels too big, there are tips that you can follow to deal with big feet, some of them are.

1. Controlling food

Diet by avoiding fatty foods it should be. Follow the basic rules of diet, namely by controlling calorie intake. Avoid greasy, fatty, junk food, sodas and all sugary food or too sweet. Continue reading

7 Ways Not Sport Can Burn Calories


Sports has become one of the main activities when you want to burn calories or lose weight and get a slim body shape and solid. However there are many other activities you know it turns out that also burns calories and not including sports.

There are many things that are not sports that it can also burn calories very well, as some of the following activities:

  • Laugh
    Was joking with friends or see a show funny and laugh was for 5-10 minutes. This will burn calories to 40 calories.
  • Chewing gum
    Even if you sit down, you can burn up to 11 calories per hour her if chewing gum.
  • Typing messages
    The younger generation is now inseparable from the gadget. No problem, you can still burn calories while replying to message your friends.
  • Take dog for a walk
    These include real simple exercise, but let’s say you are having fun with pets. It can burn 200 calories in an hour, depending on how long you walk.

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