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Benefits of Exercise For The Human Body

Manfaat Olahraga Bagi Tubuh Manusia

The benefits of exercise for this is well known by the general public, but only a few benefits that are known by the public that many people who choose not to exercise. People who like to exercise is a society that already knows the importance olehraga in life, unfortunately, people are busy working often overlook the importance of exercise. Every day, we are encouraged to be able to do light exercise about 30 minutes. Public awareness to exercise is still very low so that only a few people who likes to do sports.

People who never exercise will be very susceptible to disease, in addition to the immunity of people who often do sports will be fully formed so that it can protect itself from diseases. What should be done now is people are starting to realize the importance of exercise and start exercising today.

The public only know one or two benefits alone of exercise. People are also often ngaitkan associate exercise with dieting or losing weight, so that people who have the ideal body weight sanctions if need exercise. Though the benefits of exercise are not just limited to these. Sport is very important for as long kesehaatan how to do it right and not wrong. If one of the techniques are consequently exercise the body will feel sore and will not get the benefits of exercise. Strong determination is required in order to exercise continuously. Continue reading

Benefits Progressive Muscle Relaxation For Body

Manfaat Relaksasi Otot Progresif Bagi Tubuh

Have you heard about progressive muscle relaxation? Progressive muscle relaxation is one of the various types of relaxation techniques are often used in the process teurapetik, both medically and psychologically. At this progressive muscle relaxation, then someone who follows this event will be given an opportunity and also a separate session for tense muscles, and then release the muscle tension. This activity is intended to help the client or patient to obtain information and also understanding how different sensations that arise between the condition of muscles tensed and relaxed muscles.

Movement of progressive muscle relaxation technique is done in stages, namely:

  • The first movement starts on the hands
  • The second movement was continued for relaxation on the part of the spine. Then performed to relax the muscles in the biceps muscle
  • The fourth movement is done on the muscles of the shoulder
  • The fifth movement up to eight focused on the movement of the face
  • Movement to nine and ten are also aimed at the front of the neck muscles and neck muscles behind
  • Movement to eleven to train your back muscles
  • Twelfth movement began to enter into the chest muscles
  • Movement into thirteen sections devoted to train the abdominal muscles
  • The last movement focused on the muscles of the thigh

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Benefits Body Flexibility Exercises

Manfaat Latihan Kelenturan Tubuh

When we saw the acrobatic dances are not infrequently we found the dance actors have flexibility. Then what is meant by flexibility of the body? Flexibility of the body can be defined as the body’s ability to perform the movements as widely as possible without injury to the joints and the muscles around it. Not everyone has a flexible body. But almost everyone has the potential to have a body flexibility when doing the exercises. Flexibility of the body itself is also used as a medical therapy, because it will train our joints and muscles are not rigid and impact both on the smooth circulation of our blood.

The principle of the Body Flexibility Exercises

In training body flexibility to note a few things that the principles underlying the success of body flexibility exercises:

  • Flexibility exercises begins with a general flexibility, involving almost all functions of the body joints.
  • Given flexibility exercises before and after exercise power and speed to avoid muscle stiffness.

Each sport requires flexibility exercises different body. Body flexibility can be achieved with the amplitude of movement as optimally as possible. Continue reading

Prefix benefit in long jump

Manfaat Awalan pada Lompat jauh

The long jump is one branch of the sport jump. Basically, there are two types of sports jumped the most common, namely the long jump and high jump. The difference of these two types of exercise is clear jump, long jump rely furthest distance that can be produced hail one leap. But the high jump refers to the highest jump that can be done by sportsmen.

Prefix in the long jump

This time, we will discuss mengeai prefix in doing the long jump. Suda as mentioned earlier, the prefix is ​​the first technique that must be done before doing the long jump. In doing long jump prefix, there are several techniques that must be considered and understood really, namely:

  • Adjust the length of the path prefix, according to each – each athlete to achieve maximum speed in the running.
  • Prefix to run should start slowly, do not immediately run primarily to fast, to do this process in stages, starting from the road, brisk walking, running light, until finally running at maximum speed.
  • When it has almost reached a point of departure, never slow down the pace to run, but just let go and jumped with aplomb.

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Benefits of Sport Muay Thai for the Body

Manfaat Olahraga Muay Thai Bagi Tubuh

Do you know what that sport muay thai? This sport originated from the country of a thousand pagodas, Thailand. Muay thai is currently very interested in sports. Packaging body shaping (formation of the body), which carried by Muay thai make this sport more attractive for those who are on a diet. Muay thai do a lot of turbulence such as elbow and kicks are effective for toning the body and burn body fat.

Sports history of Muay Thai

Muay thai is a martial art bare hands. Judging from the etymology, Muay thai is derived from Sanskrit. Muay derived from the word ‘mavya’yang means boxing martial. Thai is the name suku’thai ‘in Thailand. Muay thai or can be called Thai boxing evolved since the first centuries ago in Thailand, and became the nation’s national sport thailand. Sports Muay thai is estimated to have been around for two thousand years. Muay thai originally called ‘Dhoi muay’ is a practical fighting techniques used in the war.

Its history begins in the Royal Thai, which at that time had a method of unarmed combat called Ancient Boxing (Muay Boran). This method is used by the royal army when they lose their weapons during the war, thus requiring them to fight the enemy with bare hands. Continue reading

Benefits Sports Skipping

Manfaat Olahraga Skipping

Skipping is one sport that is quite popular and is very often done by the public. Does not require a large fee and can be done anywhere is one of the main attraction of this sport. Skipping exercise or simply be called a jump rope exercise is done with the help of a rope that is rotated or moved as obstacles of the jump performed using our hands as its axis.

How Do Sports Skipping?

In practice may be almost all people know and understand how to do this sport. However, here will be a little discussion on how to exercise the right skipping. How to? Here’s the explanation:

  • Start by standing upright with both hands upright position while holding the end of the rope.
  • Place the strap at the back of our body, this position is also called the position prefix.
  • Swing forward and jump rope, the rope that swung serve as obstacles jump.
  • Do it without stepping on the rope, doing up to approximately 20 jumps (the number of jumps respective capabilities).
  • Stop rounds and a jump rope if it felt quite tired, rest for a moment before continuing the leap again.
  • Just like any other sport, the benefits of exercise or jumping rope skipping is also fairly for the human body.

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Benefits Push Up

Manfaat Push Up Secara Rutin

Push ups are one of the exercises are very common. All men and women can do push-ups. Movement of push-ups can be done by anyone, anywhere. This makes push-ups can be entered in a daily exercise program. You can do push-ups after waking or during the afternoon.

How to Do Push Up Movement
This movement is done by the body facing the floor and then take the distance between the two arms. After all the position of the body is ready, it can do the pushing and pulling that rests on the hands and arms. Push up the correct movement is a balanced body movement and direction, so it is not visible parts of the spine or stomach uneven.

Push up to be one type of exercise that is inexpensive and has many benefits for all members of the body. Here are some of the benefits of push ups on a regular basis:

Benefits Push Up for Formation Physical:

Benefits Push up Healthy Body

1. Muscle Body Shaping
While doing push-ups, some of the muscles of the body at the front of the shoulder, chest and arm that works very strong. Movement of push-ups done regularly, the muscles of the body work for three systems will be trained. In the biceps and triceps arm muscle will pull strength of the body in a way that is very interesting. All parts mover muscles will work for the chest when body movements up and down.

In addition, the rear part of the arm that has many small muscle fibers to be trained so they can become stronger. If done regularly, the muscles in the chest, arms and shoulders will be formed naturally and support the development of the muscles around the upper body. Continue reading

Fitness Supplements Enhancer Weight

Suplemen Fitness Penambah Berat Badan

Has height and ideal weight is a dream for everyone, especially men. Lots of vitamins, supplements and even herbs that are sold freely on the market that claimed to gain weight even though unproven benefit and usefulness. Besides a lot of ways we can get it if you want to gain weight one of them with a healthy diet and regular exercise as well as Sports is needed for the body. Well this time I will review the Fitness Enhancement Weight Loss Supplements.

Various supplements for weight gain :

  • Dymatize Super Mass Gainer is a milk for weight gain that contain calories and protein is very high.
  • API Gainer Extreme weight gain supplement containing 254 grams of complex carbohydrates, and 50 grams of a variety of proteins.
  • Optimum Nutrition Pro Complex Gainer is able to gain weight as well as your muscles. This supplement contains a low fat, low calories but contain very high protein.

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Legendary racer MotoGP

Pembalap MotoGP Legendaris

Have you ever heard the name of Valentino Rossi? MotoGP racing enthusiast must have often heard and are very familiar with this one rider. Each of us watching the MotoGP race on television, the name most often we shout is Rossi. Drivers who was nicknamed “The Doctor” is already nine times MotoGP world champion in the 800cc class, 500cc, 250cc, and 125cc. Rossi also dubbed “Legends of MotoGP ‘. Although Rossi actually not included in the list of MotoGP legend.

MotoGP racing enthusiast, would have little know anyone who is on the list of MotoGP legend. To recognize further the MotoGP legend, let’s look at some of their biographies.

 1. Giacomo Agostini
MotoGP legend Giacomo Agostini is the most phenomenal. Ago (call Giacomo Agostini) was born on June 16, 1942 in Brescia. Ago is the record holder for MotoGP 500cc world champion eight times in 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1975. While in MotoGP, Ago has won the MotoGP 122 series and 15 world titles in all classes.

2. Barry Sheene
MotoGP rider Barry Sheene was born on September 11, 1950 in London, England. Drivers who more often in this Bazza sapa obtain his first 500cc MotoGP title in 1976 by beating Giacomo Agostini. In the year 1977, Bazza repeat his achievements as a champion of the 500cc MotoGP. His career as a racer ended in 1984 and on March 9, 2003 Bazza died. Continue reading

Legendary basketball player in the World

Pemain Basket Legendaris di Dunia

In addition to football, who is not familiar with this sport is quite popular. Yes Basketball is one of the sports world in the spotlight for all people, especially the much admired by men. But make no mistake, in addition to men and women also like this one sport, even many of them have become national basketball athletes.

This time we will try to peel the 9 best players the world has ever become a legend in the history of his time, among others.

 1. Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan is one of the most amazing players dieranya. The tall man with the birth of 17 february 1963 became the most decorated field star in the history of the basketball game. Choice is the most spectacular, he won six NBA championships, 32 292 points, 5 MVP once in the list of top 10 NBA players of all time, Magic, Kobe and LeBron. Continue reading

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